October 25 - 29, 2021

Santiago, Chile Espacio Riesco

XVI World Exhibition and Congress for Latin America

Booth Package Design

As an exhibitor at the USA EXPOMIN PAVILION we provide you with a large variety of exhibit options, as well as a well-organized and uncomplicated on-site support. Have a look at the following examples to get a first impression.

Sample: Stand 3 m x 3 m Expomin 2020

Technical Specifications

Stand: 9.0 m2 (3 m x 3 m)
Structure: Symma System
Material: Melamine
Graphics: Foam board header 2.00 m x 0.50m
Carpet: Blue / Red
Electricity: 300 w Outlet
Lighting: 1 beam with 3 lamps
  1 beam with 2 lamps
Furniture: 1 Table
  4 Chairs
  1 Literature Rack
  1 Counter
  1 Lockable Cupboard
  1 Wastebasket


Stand 3 m x 3 m

Graphical reference

Sample: Stand 4 m x 3 m Expomin 2020